Broker Management Post License

Florida Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide, 30-Hour Broker Post-Licensing v8.0

Credit Hours : 30.00

Learn how to be an effective manager while fulfilling half of your required post-licensing education.

Learn about Florida state licensing laws, brokerage relationships, handling escrow, and more in this online post-licensing course. You will learn how to become more efficient leaders and managers while fulfilling your licensing requirements. This newest version includes in-depth videos that explore key topics.

Key Benefits:

  • This course fulfills 30 hours of broker management training as part of the mandatory 60 hours of Florida post-licensing education.
  • This practical business guide provides the tools you need to establish and manage a successful real estate brokerage.
  • Course contains helpful information to become more effective managers, leaders, and communicators in today’s constantly changing business climate.
  • Comprehensive coverage of contemporary business topics provides you with the solid topical background needed to pass your licensing exam and maintain all aspects of a real estate brokerage business.
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